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Online Banking


Popmoney is the industry leading person-to-person payment service.  Send money securely to anyone, anytime, directly from your mobile device, using just an e-mail address or mobile phone number. 

How It Works
  • Log in to Online Banking 
  • Go to Bill Pay and then click the "Popmoney" tab
  • Select the recipient from your list of contacts or add a new contact
  • Input the payment amount and send date
  • A transaction fee of $0.50 per sent item is applied
  • Select your payment method: e-mail or phone
  • Enter desired personal message
  • Customize your message by choosing from a library of e-greeting designs
  • Confirm payment details and click "send payment"
  • The recipient will receive an email or text notification with your personal message
  • If the recipient is in the Popmoney network, they can use their online banking app to accept payment
  • If not, the recipient tells where to deposit the money
  • The eGreetings feature allows you to send a more personalized gift by choosing from a library of designs, such as birthday and graduation messages
  • The “future-dated” payment feature allows you to schedule your rent and other payments
  • You can import contacts from your Yahoo! ®, Gmail®, or Hotmail® email account
  • A “To Do List” helps you keep track of your Popmoney activity and payment tasks
Great For
  • Sending a gift to family or friends 
  • Sending money to a child at college
  • Paying your roomates for rent
  • Reimbursing a friend for lunch
Fees Associated
  • Receiving Money - There is no fee for receiving payment.
  • Sending Money - A $0.50 fee, per transaction, is charged at the time you send a payment. 


Limits to the payment dollar amount may be assessed by the third party and will be disclosed at the time of the transfer.


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