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Online Banking

Bill Payment & Presentment

With Level One Bill Pay, you can enjoy the assurance of knowing your bills will be paid on time and the relief of no longer mailing checks.  Level One will submit payments for you electronically, whether it’s your monthly rent, car payments or credit card bills, we have you covered with Bill Pay - the ideal way to keep track of your bills.

How it Works
  • Log-in to Online Banking
  • Select the “Sign-up for Bill Pay” tab
  • Follow the instructions
  • Secure, easy to use service
  • No checks, envelopes or stamps
  • Automatic payments established to avoid late fees
  • Free Bill Presentment feature – see below for more information
Bill Presentment

A free service allowing companies who offer eBills to send bills electronically.

More Convenience
  • Receive and pay bills - even when away from home
  • Receive email notifications for each bill presented
  • Save eBill information and payment history
  • Review bills online or print for easy management and record keeping
Enroll Now

Call 888-880-5663 or 248-737-0300 to enroll and have one of our representatives walk you through the Bill Pay and Bill Presentment features.

Payment can be scheduled up to 365 days from today’s date. When you enter a payment amount, Level One Bank automatically displays the earliest date the biller will receive the payment; you can accept that date or change it.  For most bills, we can deliver your payment the next business day.  If a company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Level One Bank will print and send a check to the billing address.  If we send payment via check, it can take up to four days for your biller to receive it.

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