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Online Banking

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Remote Deposit Capture simplifies the process of making check deposits into your business account directly from your desktop.  Deposits can be made during non-banking hours, and will be sent to the Bank for processing the next business day.  Eliminate the cost of employee trips to the bank and increase deposit frequency, putting your money to work for you faster.

How it Works

It takes just three simple tools – software, scanner and PC – to accomplish 3 simple steps:


  • Specialized scanners, provided by Level One Bank, capture the front and back of each check, including the MICR line information and dollar amounts


  • Checks are totaled and an “electronic deposit ticket amount” is prepared for your review and approval


  • Send check images to Level One electronically - you can specify multiple accounts and multiple deposits
  • Browser based application
  • No dedicated PC required – use any internet-enabled PC
  • Multiple levels of control – can authorize transactions from anywhere
  • Retains two years of history
Fees may apply. Contact 248-737-0300 or for more information.

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