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Online Banking

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Collections

Automated Clearing House is a low-cost electronic funds transfer network that improves your cash flow by electronically collecting payments.  Sign up your customers to remit payments to you via ACH and receive funds within 48 hours.

How it Works
  • You obtain an authorization from your customers to electronically draft payments from their accounts
  • You need the bank routing number and checking account number for each customer
  • Input (one time) the customer name, account number, and routing number (at least 48 hours before the due date)
  • Submit your request for payments via the ACH module within the online banking system
  • Payment will be remitted to your account electronically within 24-48 hours     
  • Saves times and money while improving productivity
  • Mitigates risks of error and costs of paper and postage
  • Increases control of receipts
  • Provides a more accurate prediction of cash flow since you have the control
  • Compatible with NACHA standards and can accept or collect authorized funds from approved entities
  • We provide a token for this product as an extra layer of security
Fees may apply. Contact 248-737-0300 or for more information.

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