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ACH Disbursement - Direct Deposit of Payroll

ACH Disbursement provides a convenient electronic method for funding your payroll.  Submit recurring payments for payroll as a direct deposit for your employees and utilize the capability of remitting tax payments for Federal and State payments electronically.  Whether you have an in-house payroll system or a third party provider, we can provide your employees with direct deposit of their payroll to their checking or savings account.

How it Works
  • Request employee bank routing and account numbers
  • Input (one time) this employee information
  • Input the specific payroll amounts two business days in advance of your pay dates
  • Employee’s payroll will be remitted to their account electronically on the designated pay date
  • Saves times and money
  • Improves productivity and accuracy
  • Gives employees a sense of security
  • Eliminates the expense of postage and check writing

 Fees may apply. Contact 248-737-0300 or for more information.

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