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Online Banking

Traditional Lending

When you need financing for business operations or expansion, rely on Level One Bank for custom solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your business situation.  We organize the resources and one-on-one personal attention you demand and deserve.  We take the time to thoroughly understand the economic essentials of your business and then develop and deliver a financing plan that maximizes your company’s strengths.

Term Loans

Strategic business planning requires both a long-term perspective and access to long-term financing. Term loans can be used for a variety of business purposes, including acquiring or expanding your business, purchasing major assets such as real estate or equipment, and other working capital needs.  Because we target established and successful companies, we are able to provide flexible and competitive rates and terms on virtually any capital equipment acquisition.  We specialize in designing flexible, customized solutions structured to specifically meet your cash flow needs.

Working Capital Lines of Credit

The management of a company’s daily cash flow often requires access to a working capital line of credit.  With a working capital line of credit, you can take advantage of trade discounts, accelerate receivables or inventory, purchase small equipment, manage unexpected expenditures and more effectively manage cash flow.  Level One Bank is dedicated to ensuring you have the resources and expertise you require to fulfill your business needs and capitalize on opportunities to improve your operations.

Commercial Mortgages

Whether your real estate is for your company or for investment, Level One’s expertise includes providing financing options for new construction, purchase or improvements.

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