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Top Differentiators that Place Level One Among the Best Banks in Michigan

Posted on: February 13, 2019

We Are Proud to Support Your Business Growth 

Level One Bank headquarters one of the best banks in MichiganAs a business owner, your entrepreneurial spirit creates tenacity. You never give up. Your belief in your corporate mission and your team fuels your confidence. You tackle any problem, including financial challenges, to support your growth plans.

Not taking a salary, maxing out your credit cards, or borrowing from family and friends, however, isn’t a sound long-term strategy. Your cash flow can provide some support for expanding your business but only for the short-term. Funneling profits back into the company is a possibility but becomes difficult if you have a 30 to 90-day receivables cycle.

You’re not the only company leader struggling to achieve financial stability. The Fed Small Business organization’s most recent survey pointed out that almost two-thirds of small business owners had to deal with economic issues in the last year. Start-ups and small businesses named ‘paying operating expenses,’ ‘getting credit,’ and ‘paying debt’ as their top three financial pain points.

Business meeting with one the best banks in MichiganLevel One, a favorite among the top banks in Michigan, has convenient locations across Southeast Michigan and Grand Rapids. As a bank that was created by local entrepreneurs and business leaders, we understand the demands you face as a business owner. Helping your business grow is our business, and here’s how we do it.


While you may be dealing with the same types of obstacles as other businesses, your situation uniquely reflects your company mission, your customers, and your market. The team from Michigan-based Level One Bank understands local business dynamics. We have expertise in the industries that drive Michigan’s economy: manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, professional services and more.

Importantly, we recognize that your situation requires more than a one-size-fits-all plan. We create a custom financial solution that meets your needs.


The Level One team will analyze your financial status, competitive position, and industry outlook. Our recommended plan, however, will be based on collaborative conversations with you. Your insights about the day-to-day issues and opportunities in your business are essential to developing a plan that works for you.

We recognize that lack of transparency is one of the leading complaints businesses call out when dealing with banks. At Level One, you are not just ‘another loan.’ We’re a partner in your success and work to earn your trust by listening and being honest and forthright.


Businesses that are seasonal, rapidly growing, executing an acquisition, or working with low margins share a key financial requirement: they require flexibility with their financing plans. Flexibility is a broad term encompassing:

  • Financial solutions. Level One offers a range of loans, from traditional loans to equipment financing. Our Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program provides a diverse set of lending options, and our commitment has earned us SBA Preferred Lender Status.
  • Scalable lending. A financial plan that grows with your company (or adjusts during downturns) delivers the right resources at the right time.

Local Decision Making

The top objections businesses raise about lenders are long waits for decisions and complicated application processes even with some of the best banks in Michigan. We hear you. That's why our approach focuses on providing you with quick access to capital.  How do we do it?

  • You interact with decision makers. No long delays while a lending committee evaluates a list of potential loan applicants. Our decisions are made here, in Michigan, by us.
  • We’re engaged and responsive. You won’t be ‘handed off’ to another team after your financing plan is finalized. The Level One team remains committed to your success, and that means staying in touch with you as your business evolves.

At Level One, we strongly believe that supporting business growth simply makes sense.  Our strategy has helped us become one of the top 25 Michigan banks based on size. More importantly, our commitment to delivering a better way for entrepreneurs to thrive places us among the Top 10 Best Banks in Michigan.

If you’re looking for a bank to help your business grow, partnering with the engaged, energized, and creative team at Level One is the right decision. Contact our team today for more information. At Level One, our passion is helping power yours!

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it...”  Wilferd Peterson

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