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3 Easy Tips for ATM Safety and Security

Posted on: July 25, 2019

A Common List of Do’s and Dont’s From Our Local Michigan Bank

View of a Businessman in front of ATMCash is 'king' in the U.S., and ATMs are a frequently used key for accessing (and depositing) cash. ATMs have been in the U.S. for 50 years, and now about 470,000 ATMs handle more than 10 billion transactions every year. A 2018 report about ATM usage showed that fraudulent withdrawals in the U.S. represent a small proportion of total transactions (0.01%). But on an absolute basis, the 1.4 million fraudulent withdrawals affect a significant number of banking customers.

Banks in Michigan, including Level One Bank, want you to feel confident that ATMs are a secure way to get cash, make deposits, and check account balances. Following these 3 easy tips can help protect your account and your money.

Tip #1: Protect your ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN)

In our digital world, passcodes are prolific. While it’s tempting to keep your ATM PIN in your wallet or even on the back of your debit card, it’s best to take these precautions instead:

  • Memorize your PIN and keep it private.
  • Select a PIN that doesn't include personal information like your birthdate, telephone number, or social security number.
  • When you use an ATM, try to shield the machine's screen and keyboard from those waiting in line.

Tip #2: Be Alert while using an ATM

Take notice of the area surrounding an ATM before starting your transaction, particularly during non-business hours. If the ATM is in a poorly lit or hidden area, consider choosing a more visible location. Larger cities often have enclosed ATMs that require a card to access. Don’t let anyone follow you inside.

If you have difficulty using an ATM, call the 800-customer service number listed on the back of your debit card. Avoid asking other people in line or nearby for help.

You always have the choice to cancel your transaction if you feel uncomfortable.

Tip #3: Guard your Transaction and your Account

When your transaction is complete, put away your card and any cash withdrawn, immediately. Make sure the ATM screen returns to the 'home' page, completing your transaction.

Whether you are visiting local banks in Michigan, or anywhere else in the world, it’s useful to keep your ATM transaction receipts. You’ll have a written record of your account activity to compare with your monthly bank statements. If you notice a discrepancy, contact your bank and report it.

Many banks, including Level One Bank, offer mobile alert systems through online banking to track the activity on your accounts. If you have a smartphone, you'll receive a text notification about any ATM withdrawals.

Banking with ATMs is Convenient and Safe

Close Up of Hand Using ATMATMs are available nationwide to give you access to cash 24/7. Being aware during a transaction and consistently protecting your information and money will keep you and your account safe.

As one of the best banks in Michigan, we’re proud to offer our customers free access to ATMs across the U.S.  We don't charge fees for using another bank's ATM, and if other banks charge you fees, we will automatically refund them every time. Start enjoying ATM freedom when you open any checking account at Level One Bank, such as our free checking account that has no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements.

If you have additional questions about ATM 'do's and don'ts,' contact our team at Level One Bank or click here to read more. Also, to learn more about our free checking account click here.

“The ATM has remained a relevant and convenient self-service channel for the last half-century – and its history is one of invention and re-invention, evolution rather than revolution.” - Bryan Keogh, Economics + Business Editor, The Conversation, The ATM at 50: how a hole in the wall changed the world.

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