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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) 2.0

Level One Bank is currently accepting applications for the second round of PPP. Applications can be submitted via our online portal by clicking the button "Apply for New PPP Loan" below.

For help, call our dedicated PPP line at 844-888-7334 for quickest assistance. Our PPP phone line will be staffed during business hours until the program expires on March 31.

Level One Bank will review your application and contact you if any additional information is needed. Once approved, Level One Bank will automatically submit your application to the SBA. Upon receipt of SBA authorization, documents will be emailed to you in a similar manner as the first round of PPP via DocuSign.

Apply Now via the Level One Bank Online Portal 


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PPP 2.0 Loan Application Forms



If you are unable to complete your application through the online portal or have questions please contact your Level One Bank representative or call our dedicated PPP phone line at 844-888-7334. PPP is subject to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and may be subject to proposed or pending legislation.

Regarding our former ACAP & The Loan Source partnership: We had previously announced plans to partner with ACAP & The Loan Source to process PPP applications, but after learning of new SBA guidelines that would benefit our clients by working directly with Level One Bank, we made the decision to bring the process in-house. Doing so will expedite the application process for clients who applied with Level One Bank during the first round, with significantly less documentation requirements. We always strive to serve the best interests of our clients and we are pleased that we can remain nimble enough to make a major change like this at the last hour for the benefit of our clients. While we regret the time you may have spent registering with ACAP & The Loan Source, we feel the benefits of bringing this process back in-house far outweigh the lost time. We appreciate your understanding. If you prefer to continue your application process with ACAP & The Loan Source, please use their portal to access your account.

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