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Lockbox Payment Collection Service

Our Lockbox service provides a safe, convenient way to handle your customer receipts. Accelerate the collection of your receivables when Level One processes your remittances. Your customer payments are remitted to your own proprietary P.O. Box and picked up several times daily and deposited into your account electronically.

How it Works

  • Level One Bank provides you with a P.O. Box to provide to your customer
  • Your customer sends remittance payment to the P. O. Box
  • Mail is picked up several times throughout the day, sorted, opened, and batched accordingly
  • Payments are processed based on your exact specifications
  • Remittance data is captured electronically and images are available for your review
  • Payments are deposited into your account at Level One Bank
  • A daily file of all remittance payments is uploaded into your AR system for posting
  • Any unprocessed work, if requested, is sent to you for further handling


  • Payments are processed quickly
  • Enhances your customer relationship, growth revenue, improved workflow, lowering operating costs, and increases efficiencies
  • Remittance data, which includes specified details, is sent via PDF same day…


Fees may apply. Contact 248-737-0300 or e-mail us for more information.

How can we help?

Call and speak with a customer service representative or visit our Customer Support Center to submit a request for assistance, chat with our team, and view frequently asked questions. 


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